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The Bank Vacuum Company was born out of necessity. Homes were changing and the vacuum manufacturers fell behind. The Bank Vacuum Company immediately filled the void in the market with the absolute best canister vacuums for all types of flooring.

The defining feature of any Bank Vacuum is the Wessel-Werk powerhead. The Wessel-Werk powerhead is sold under the Bosch name in Europe, where they have traditionally had a combination of bare floors and carpet. The Wessel-Werk powerhead on The Bank Vacuum canister cleans both bare floors and carpet perfectly, as can be seen in our videos.

Whether your home features carpet, tile, wood, area rugs, or a combination, The Bank Vacuum Company has a vacuum to fit your needs and budget! In addition to our line of superb canister vacuums, The Bank Vacuum Company offers a portable canister, electric broom, easy to push uprights and a heavy duty upright vacuum. Our vacuums are guaranteed to leave your floors “barefoot clean!”



In 1987, at the age of 21, Greg Bank opened his first vacuum store. Greg learned from the ground up every aspect of the vacuum business: repairs; accounting; warehousing; in-store merchandising; marketing; and most importantly, sales outfitting. Greg realized early on, the key to his success in the vacuum industry was invariably linked to outfitting his customers with the right machine for their floor care needs and budget. In the 32 years since he has been in the business, this philosophy has not changed.

Between 1987 and 1999, Greg’s business grew exponentially. Greg and his brother built a chain of floor care stores in and around the Detroit, Michigan area – Banks Vacuum, founded by Greg’s grandfather and father in the 1950’s. In 1999, Greg moved to Florida and started a second chain of stores, with three stores in the Sarasota/Bradenton region of the Gulf Coast – Tops Vacuum & Sewing. Since 2007, Greg has added seven locations to his chain, with nine stores spanning the Gulf Coast between Palm Harbor and Pembroke Pines.

Simultaneous with his relocation to Florida, Greg became acquainted with investors in Las Vegas, Nevada. Greg founded Vegas Vacuum in 1999 (sold 2003, still in existence), and was granted a casino operators license by the Nevada Gaming Commission in 2003, eventually becoming a part owner of the Lady Luck Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

Approximately ten years ago, Greg took his venture a step further. Greg’s commitment to outfitting his customers with the right machine was being challenged by voids in product lines. Accordingly, Greg felt he had no choice but to begin developing his own products. The investment was extensive but worth it, in his opinion. And so, The Bank Vacuum Company was born in 2010. Currently, there are eight machines in The Bank Vacuum lineup.

Customer Reviews

I'm pleased to say that this Bank canister vac left my aging carpet looking better than it has in years, almost like new -- better than any other vac I've used!
-- William Merrill "eclecticist"
As a retired aerospace engineer, I appreciate its clever, elegant, efficient design. I look at it and think, "Y'know, this looks like it was designed by someone who really thought about how it would be used rather than by a marketeer or a lawyer."
-- Terry Sunday
It is so nice not having to pull around a machine that is heavy, but even with the lightness of it, you do not sacrifice power.
-- Matthew Morine


To see why Bank is a leader in the vacuum industry, please watch one of our videos below or visit the Video Vault. You're guaranteed to be convinced.